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We are manufacturing and exporting FRP Gratings, FRP Lining, FRP Fire Hose Boxes, FRP Tank, FRP Cable Tray, FRP Step Ladders, and Much More.

Custom fiberglass products

As a leader for over 10 years in the manufacture and development of fiber reinforced plastic (FRP/GRP) products, ArkaComposites is an ideal partner to develop a custom fiberglass product solution for your application. Not only do we have extensive fiberglass manufacturing capability, we have an experienced, technical team to assist in all phases of development from planning to design onto manufacturing. Our team can help specify the best resin system and structural properties to ensure long life and effective cost for your custom fiberglass products.


We manufacture the FRP tanks used for water storage, chemical’s storage and vessels for chemical reaction. The behaviors and the properties of the tanks depend on the grade resins used for fabrication purpose. Our high-grade resins withstand strong chemicals and high temperature. We also manufacture. Our tanks design based on ASTM D3299-95a, BS4994, ASTM 4097, ASME-RTP-1-2005 or customer specification.

We offer a wide range of tank models and materials both vertical and horizontal.

FRP Chemical Tanks

FRP Rectangular Tank

FRP Horizontal Tanks

FRP Cone Bottom Tank

FRP Septic Tank

FRP Tank Insulated With PU/Rockwool

FRP Chemical Tanks

PP FRP tanks


Moulded FRP Tanks


To ensure the quality products and long service life we conduct various testing before delivering the tanks to customer. Some of the tests are Hydro Test, Hardness Test, Acetone Test, Strength Test, Glass Content Test and other specified test.
Flanges are fabricated as per numerous bolt dimension systems like ASME, DIN, JIS, BS etc as specified by clients.

Advantages of FRP Tank

Applications of FRP Tank

Motor Canopy

Developed from non flammable as well as fire proof isopthelic resin, this array of FRP Motor Covers Canopies can be availed in custom made shapes and sizes to chose from. Apart from fiberglass based content, such canopies also consist 30% to 35% glass. These rust proof FRP items have louver type design with ergonomic lifting handle. Outer surface of these covers has smooth finish. These products have been developed by using hands by up molding technique. Light in weight, this range of FRP Motor Covers Canopies is appreciated for its long lasting quality. Simple to install, this array of products is popular for its ease of installation and perfect dimension.

FRP pipeline & accessories

FRP/GRP PIPES & Pipe Fittings are now being accepted all over in Chemical Petroleum, Gas, Water Transportation, Sea Water, Sewerage, etc. GRP/FRP pipes are competing with conventional material like Ductile Iron, Epoxy Coated MS, PVC, HDPE because of its major advantage of being non-corrosive in nature and long life with proper selection of resin.
FRP pipes are ranging from 200 mm diameter, up to 2600 mm diameter, and capable of withstanding pressures up to 30 bars, are now being used commonly in the desalination industry. GRP/FRP pipes have an inherent advantage of high corrosion resistance to sea water, cold water for power plants.chlorine/acid and brine solutions. They can operate continuously at higher temperatures and installation can be done above-ground, at sub-sea level as well as underground for cover depths of 8 m.
Fibreglass reinforced piping systems are time tested because they have proven their durability and value in stony environments and brutal applications for decades. Following factors lead GRP/FRP pipes ahead from any other pipe.

FRP Mortar Pipe

FRP Process Pipe

FRP Jacking pipe

FRP Cable protection pipe

FRP Elbow

FRP Flange


FRP Pipes

FRP Reducer

Advantages of FRP Pipelines & Accessories

Light Weight

FRP/GRP pipes & Pipe Fittings weights only 25% as much as similar steel pipe and 10% as much as similar concrete product. GRP/FRP pipes are light weighted, hence easier handling, faster installation and low transportation costs. The use of heavy equipment is practically eliminated.

Corrosion Resistance

GRP/FRP Piping System are resistant to corrosion both inside & outside. These pipes has been used for handling dilute acids, saturated brine, organic solvents and other corrosive chemical but there is zero corrosion as result additional lining and exterior coating are not required.

Doors, Frames and Window

FRP Doors and frames are manufactured in pursuance to IS 14856 – 2000 and TADS 61993 and IS 4020 acceptability criteria.
We bring forth for our esteemed customers a wide collection of FRP Frames. All our products are manufactured using excellent quality FRP that is sourced from most trusted vendors of market. These products are highly appreciated by customers for their elegant designs, durability and sturdiness. An ideal substitute to wooden doors, these products are available in variegated colors and sizes as per customers’ requirement.

Light Weight



FRP Battery covers

We manufacture FRP battery covers based on the Standard as well as customized size available.

Moulded Grating

Moulded fibreglass gratings are available in a variety of resins, standard and custom colours, depths, panel sizes and mesh configurations. Surface options include a meniscus or integrally applied grit top, both of which offer superior, slip resistant footing. Moulded grating is used in place of traditional materials for a FRP solution that fits a wide range of applications and environments.

Advantages of Moulded Grating

Mass Transit Vehicle Components

Composites are widely used for mass transit vehicle components. We produce both interior and exterior parts for new construction and retrofits. Because our capabilities include a range of materials and processes, we can support specific requirements for fire retardancy, electrical conductivity, cosmetics, aerodynamics, durability and weight. Involvement in other demanding industries – automotive, truck, buses, recreational vehicles – bolsters the value we bring to manufacturers of railcars.
Arka Composites can provide newly manufactured spares fabricated from tooling that is generated from a worn or damaged part. A mold and new composite parts matching the original can be fabricated quickly using a process that does not injure the original. When original specifications are not known, the laminates are determined by reverse engineering.

Exterior Panels

Front facia

body panels





Wall panels

Load floors

Wind Turbine Blades, Nacelles and Spinners

Arka composites is among the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable composites supply partner. In addition to new parts fabrication, Arka Composites has a dedicated field repair and maintenance service company. In-factory repairs, blade reconditioning and spares are available as well.

Replacement Parts

For operators of aging fleets or resellers of pre-owned turbines, Arka Composites is a premium resource for aftermarket replacement blades, nose cones, nacelles, hatch covers and other FRP components that are no longer available from the original equipment supplier.
Arka Composites can provide newly manufactured spares fabricated from tooling that is generated from a worn or damaged part. A mold and new composite parts matching the original can be fabricated quickly using a process that does not injure the original. When original specifications are not known, the laminates are determined by reverse engineering.

Custom Planters

Modern Planters with an Indian Soul

What are the Benefits of Working With a Company That Offers Custom Planters?

Whether you are starting a new fiberglass planter collection or looking to deliver a one-off custom planter solution for your clients, our team are here to help you grow your business.
At Arka Composites, our Research and Design Team works tirelessly to ensure that our fiberglass planters are not only the highest quality planters on the market but also the most progressive and elegant. As the result, there are over seventy standard planter designs in our collection with a multitude of sizes that are designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Tailored to your liking

We stand behind our wide selection of planters, yet we also understand that sometimes projects require tailored specifications. At Arka Composites, we are proud to offer wholesale custom or made-to-order planters that are produced with the same high-quality materials for which Arka Composites is internationally recognized.
With our blend of handcrafted and CAD manufacturing techniques, we offer custom planters in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and finishing options-choosing between any one of them will result in a beautiful and long-lasting piece that is sure to complement your landscape or the landscape of your clients. designs in our collection with a multitude of sizes that are designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Tailored to your liking

To get started on your solution, collect some information about your requirements. Follow these initial steps to identify how we can help you.

Determine Your Custom Planters

To get started on your solution, collect some information about your requirements. Follow these initial steps to identify how we can help you.

Create a list of requirements for the planter

The first step in any new project or planter collection begins with determining the application of your planters. All of our commercial planters are marine grade and are used by both interior and landscape architects for indoor or outdoor operations.
They are used in parks, hotels, restaurants, golf resorts, casinos, and even on big-tech campuses owned by Google. Knowing the application will greatly influence the style, colour, and size of the planter, and allows us to deliver a sophisticated solution for your project.

Choose shapes that suit the application

Choose from our custom colors, or apply your own

All of our planters are painted using the highest quality primers and commercial grade paints.
Though our commercial planters can ship with your choice of over 100 standard color options, we understand that you might want to apply your own range of colors to suit your brand or client. Therefore, we can also ship your custom order with just our standard grey primer allowing you to apply the final topcoat at a later date.

Determine your timeline

Whether it be creating your own collection of commercial planters or fulfilling the needs of a one-off project, we understand there are important deadlines to meet. By determining a suitable timeline for your order, we can guarantee everything runs smoothly.

APC Systems

Beside FRP Tanks and FRP Lining, we had ventured into the manufacturing of scrubbers, stacks, ducts and dampers over the past few years. We have the capability and experience to fabricate the scrubbers based on the customer’s design or requirements.



Air Ducts


Cyclone separation system.

Composite floorings/ Lining

FRP Coatings & Linings (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics), is a superior coating and lining system formed by thermosetting resins and fibreglass to raise durability and safety by lining inside of piping systems chemical storage tanks, cooling towers, and other types of industrial process equipment. In a lot of applications, FRP coating provides superior performance over other materials. When a polyester resin is used in combination with fiberglass, the coatings lifetime becomes longer and becomes much more corrosion resistant. The GRP Coating method has a separate place in accordance to other insulation applications and demonstrates its superiority by utilizing a hand lay-up method with the use of unique roller brushes. This type of manual FRP coating system can be used out in the field safely, which requires more corrosion resistance and chemical acid resistant.

FRP Lining onto Sump Pit

FRP Lining onto Concrete Floor

FRP Lining onto Chemical Tanker

FRP Lining onto Tank

FRP Lining onto Industrial Floor

FRP Lining onto Chemical Tanker

Water pollution Management Systems

Our WPC Systems can be placed in all kinds of residential, hotels, restaurants, senior guest houses and commercial restaurants, factory canteens, restaurants, hospitals, schools, communities, garage, station, and industrial and mining enterprises and other places.

Our Water pollution Management Systems includes

Grease Seperator

Bio Septic Tank